(Proof of $251) Biggest loot Sphere- Get ₹300 on signup + ₹300 per refferal upto $251 (cryptocurrency)

HI Viewers  here is the BIGGEST LOOT EVER  from which you can make easily $251.Spheresocial is the new generation of social network and cryptocurrency.Sphere is the next generations Decentralized { No central company owns it) soical network.


Spheresocial is a cryptocurrency lilke bitcoin the crypto of sphere is called SAT. As this is a new cryptocurrency they are offering coins ICO( initial coin offering) freely. So avail their coins and exchange them with money after its launch.

Social network is having the cryptocurrency named SAT (social activity token). cryptocurrencies are decentralized currencies which will not exist physically but they have the biggest market .Which can be traded online and you can sell them for your currency.

You guys all well known regarding the legend cryptocurrency BITCOIN which is the biggest revolution in the field of cryptocurrency which has been started in the year 2009.

Bitcoin price when it started its price in 2010 is only ₹3.6 and now its value is ₹6,90,722.

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As like bitcoin Sphere, the company behind the new exciting digital currency Social Activity Token (SAT) has announced a new promotion. The promotion allows people to earn 100 SAT Tokens or $5 USD by simply referring yours friends Its already 2,55,789 people have signed up for SAT.and now its your turn to join to spheresocial.
Get Free ₹300 (100 SAT) SignUp & Verify Your Email + ₹300 (100 SAT) Per Refer you can make upto 5000 SAT by reffering. By reffering friends you can make upto $251 it means you can make upto approx ₹16,064

Read the full post for clear understanding and terms and conditons must

How to get  ₹300 on sign up + ₹300 per refferal from spheresocial:-

1| Firstly visit the sphere From here | CLICK HERE

{ It’s must to go from the above link to get $5 }

2|  On the signup page Enter your mail id,then Re typre mail,Create a new Password and Re type the password and now click on I’am not a robot and verify it by recaptha.

3| Click  on Signup button.

4| Now open your mail inbox  and verify it by clicking on the mail you got from sphere.(check in the spam folder also)

(Verifing the mail is must to get ₹300 in your account)

5| Verify Your Account & Login to Your Account.

Refer and earn

6| Copy Your Invite Link & Share it to Your Friends.

Sphere is not similar cryptocurrency or social network of other networks like Facebook,twitter etc.. They are offering shares for their users. They provide money for every post that you post in sphere .This will be a biggest revolution. So for every post that you post in Sphere from that they are giving some share to you.


Proof worth $251 ( Approx ₹16,200 ) 5100 SAT  :-


Screenshot 2017 12 11 14 39 181 1 180x300 - (Proof of $251) Biggest loot Sphere- Get ₹300 on signup + ₹300 per refferal upto $251 (cryptocurrency)


Note;- Don’t try self reffering Only 1 account per 1IP address they have high security and if they come to know any thing wrong they will block your account.You cannot even use incognito window.Try in different mobiles or system.

Sphere’s  is set to launch on January 15th, 2018.

How to transfer the SAT 

Click on the  Menu icon on top right.

Click on the Transfer option

Screenshot 2017 12 04 17 31 231 180x300 - (Proof of $251) Biggest loot Sphere- Get ₹300 on signup + ₹300 per refferal upto $251 (cryptocurrency)


Transfer to ETH address will be enabled after the token sale.

How to create MYETHERWALLET and transfer Sphere tokens full guideVISIT HERE

Newsdog app – Get ₹50 paytm cash on signup + ₹20 per refer – VISIT HERE

What is sphere.social:-

Sphere is a next generation, de-centralized social network.The network will contain its own cryptocurrency token.

Will I be able to trade my SAT on digital currency exchanges?
Sphere has already completed the necessary applications to get SAT listed on several key exchanges. We are in discussions with those exchanges now, and anticipate an immediate listing on at least one exchange once the coin is launched.So after launch of the SAT you can trade them and exchange them for really money


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    1. hi mishra after its launch you can excahnge them for real currency from the exchange sites. it is set to launch on 15th jan 2017.keep referring

    1. Hi aviral. I think the device you are using might be already registered to sphere. Only one account can be created from one ip address.

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